Presentation of the Anarchist Newspaper Apatris
Mittwoch, 04.11.2015, 21:00, Infoveranstaltung

Εφημερίδα Δρόμου «ΑΠΑΤΡΙΣ» is an anarchist free publication edited by a team of about 40 people all over Greece, circulating in 15’000 free copies on 44 pages format.

It was founded in the beginning of 2009 after the December 2008 uprising and it keeps going continuously, publishing the 31st issue this month. APATRIS has a federal model of operation with six different editorial groups cooperating from various cities all over Greece.

One member of an APATRIS editorial collective will present the newspaper in the KTS Freiburg.

Public kitchen will start at 8 pm. Meet the punx afterwards in the KTS pub.

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