Autonomous Centre KTS Freiburg

The KTS is the autonomous centre of Freiburg for radical left politics and culture. It began as a squat in 1994 but since 1998 has been legally located in the Basler Strasse 103 on a property belonging to the German railway company. The KTS has been the most important base for autonomous and anarchist movements in South Baden for more than 20 years and is famous for its legendary underground concerts and glittering parties. The autonomous convergence centre is an inherent part of the life and times of leftists in Freiburg: KTS is here to stay!

Aktueller Koraktor
Koraktor Juli 2017 (PDF)
05.07.2017, 20:00
KüfA mit Kneipe - Schlemmen für ’nen Solizweck
15.07.2017, 15:00
Café Libros
15.07.2017, 20:00
Christian Holden (The Hotelier) & Emperor X (USA) & EGAL & Droneage
19.07.2017, 20:00
KüfA mit Kneipe - Schlemmen für ’nen Solizweck
26.07.2017, 19:00
500 Jahre Sexismus, Antisemitismus und Obrigkeitshörigkeit: Martin Luther – ein großer Deutscher!
26.07.2017, 21:00
Seven Mouldy Figs und No No Instigator