René Binamé in der Punk@-Kneipe
Mittwoch, 27.12.2017, 21:00, Konzert/Kneipe

Wie jeden Dezember heißen wir René Binamé in der Punk@-Kneipe willkommen.

9 Facts about René Binamé

René Binamé likes ditties, carols and sing-alongs.

René Binamé accumulates concerts in big cities and small villages.

René Binamé embraces his love without dropping his guard.

René Binamé juxtaposes and superimposes reedy melodies and walls of guitars.

René Binamé often sings in French, sometimes in Walloon or in Flemish.

René Binamé does not like capitalism, nor does he like to be reduced to working or money-making.

René Binamé prefers to work the land, to handle trowels, chisel and lasers, to make love on the banks of a river, to caper about in the fields...

René Binamé likes convivial, tender, swaying, languorous pogo-dancing, not pogo sore.

René Binamé made a hell of a lot of records and is always preparing the next one, but he has all the time in the world.

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