Grove Street Families / Hawser / Selfish Hate
Mittwoch, 05.06.2019, 20:00, Konzert

E.2.T. Booking proudly presents: Grove Street Families Taking the underground Hardcore scene by storm, UK’s Grove Street Families (GSF) show no sign of stopping any time soon. With a unique blend of Thrash influenced hardcore and an aura of 90’s hip hop, GSF bring the reminiscent days of golden hardcore to the modern metal world. Whether its playing sweaty hardcore club shows or major festival stages, GSF’s undeniably fun and raucous live show has gained them a loyal fanbase of both ‘old school’ and newer fans.

HAWSER is a hardcore band from southwestern regions of The Netherlands. They formed in late 2011 and have toured intensively throughout Europe for the last years. The band has played some of the smallest and biggest venues the mainland has to offer.

Selfish Hate Local heroes!!!

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