Infrastructure (en)

25th til 31st of March 2009, Freiburg, Germoney


There will be at least one convergence Room, where you can get information like what is planned when and where. There will be nice people knowing the place (where to sleep...), Maps of the Town and the region as well as a Newsticker about what has happened.

Independent Media Center (IMC)

Indymedia linksunten will set up an Independent Media Centre in the CC before and during the summit. From here, part of the media work for the protests against the summit will be coordinated. You can write your articles here, create indy-prints, edit video or publish photos. for more information:

Vegan Activist-kitchen

The activists kitchen will prepare a warm supper each evening and a breakfast bar all day. We cook vegan and against donations. Helper and food-donations are always welcome and necessary. Contact: diy-kueche (ät)

No food no fight — No helpers no food!

Rote Hilfe (Red Aid), Legal Team (EA)

During the days of the CC as well as the protests agains the summit of the NATO the group of the Red Aid working in the KTS will be activ. We will help and support activists and comrades being affected by repression with legal, psycological and moral assistance. Moreover we offer profound information, pamphlets and brochures against repression and about the current laws. Further – general – information about the Red Aid: the Legal Team:

And as usual: No statements to the cops and justice institutions! Solidarity is our weapon!!!


To prepare for a good protest, there will be space at different places for all the craftswomen and men between us. Materialis that can help for making banners, disguising, building biles or huge puppets are welcome if autogestionnated in the days befor the summit.

Autonomous Medics

They are the ones who take care of us if there is troubble and we got injured. There will be some space to rest and the Autonomedix to help out. Text will come soon. Contact: autonomedicine -at | +49178-6541308

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